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Possível incêndio na Catedral de Nantes poderá ser criminoso, diz Jucelino Luz

 July 1, 2020  Jucelino da Luz   Blog & Notícias

Águas de Lindóia, 01 de julho de 2020 Um incêndio atingiu a Catedral de São Pedro e São Paulo, em Nantes, na França, no dia 18 de julho de 2020 , poderá ser criminoso . O fogo será rapidamente controlado e ninguém vai ficar ferido.

Vitrais do século XVI e o órgão serão  destruídos. Uma fumaça preta  vai ser vista saindo entre as suas torres, mas não chegará  a atingir o telhado da construção que tem estilo gótico.

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Our project is voluntary and needs your help!

 June 9, 2020  Jucelino da Luz   Blog & Notícias

"We do not commit any crime and neither do we abuse the Public Faith"

We do not accept the idea that has been spreading lately, we believe that we do need material resources to maintain quality work in a world that is materialistic, but according to what the bible teaches us and allows us, we don't need to explore anyone, but we do have social work, humanitarian aid, protection of the environment, world warnings, sending letters, help in finding missing persons, spiritual guidance in energy treatments (without dismissing your doctor) , energetic application, contribution to humanity, alert to human beings of a new consciousness. Without committing crimes to raise funds for our goal. Our main goal is to always be transparent and that is Professor Jucelino Luz's unique purpose - which we always support.

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Independence of Justice - change in the 1988 Federal Constitution

 May 27, 2020  Jucelino da Luz   Blog & Notícias

The 1824 Constitution instituted four Powers. In addition to the Executive, there was the Legislative, the Judicial and the Moderator.

This was attributed to the Emperor, who proceeded to embody the prerogatives of dissolving Congress and the Ministerial Cabinet and calling for new parliamentary elections. Within this framework, the Moderating Power mediated conflicts between parties and private powers.

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