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Revelation Book

Revelations Book - SYNOPSIS::

Who is JNL? What have you done? What do you intend? This book tells a little of the life story of Jucelino Nóbrega da Luz. An account of his experiences, the correspondences containing his dreams, the evidence that precedes the revelations, the evidence with journalistic facts, until the present moment. On that date he was very much persecuted by a minority, however, with his humility, dignity managed to overcome the barriers In addition to future events that are yet to come.

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Revalation Book II


This book presents the truths of the famous prophet JNL. With about 89,000 letters sent, they became increasingly impressive. Their predictions are: Word Trade Center; Tsunami in Asia; Accident with GOL flight 1907; Global warming and lack of drinking water on the planet; Pakistan earthquake; Massacre on the Virginia Tech University Campus, Massacre in Norway, Michael Jackson, Earthquake in Japan on 11/03/2011 and many others. This book translates and decrypts here, with impressive clarity and logic, the well-known prophecies until the year 2036.

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"A being out of time" New Edition

Best seller in Japan - SYNOPSIS:

This book tells the experiences of JNL and speaks of the forces of the beyond, in the paranormal faculties of premonitions that can prevent tragedies. There are inexplicable events. Do you believe in paranormal phenomena? And he explains his love for his land and nature, in which he made him face discrimination, criticizing, above all, his fight against evil. And events yet to come.

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