Impeachment of President Jair Messias Bolsonaro - Urgent!

Jair Messias Bolsonaro - Jucelino Luz prophesies that the President will not be overthrown by frames of shady interests.

Impeachment of President Jair Messias Bolsonaro - Urgent!

Jucelino Luz makes a revelation of Espírito Santo, for Bolsonaro between 2020 and 2021, the clairvoyant became known throughout the country and the world for making predictions about ordinary and famous people with events that have become reality, a small part does not.


With the Corona-Virus virus approaching, as they appointed a new Minister of Health, the removal of a hero created by the mainstream brown media, the prophet made a prediction for the government of Brazil. Jucelino Luz foresees the growth of the Bolsonaro government in 2020, with many supporters that will increase more and more in his favor, and he also says that there will be major protests and scandals against frames and diversion of funds from the Corona virus, and some people within the Malicious systems are preparing to divert health resources from other directions to attribute to Jair Bolsonaro, but they will all be discovered. There is a large brown media channel, involved with a small portion of the Senate, the Chamber, and Justice Bodies, to try to remove the President.

There will be an attempt to impeachment against Bolsonaro, in addition, they will try to make frames to induce the Brazilian people, however, the shot will backfire, further revolting the Brazilians.

“We can wait for a year in which many schemes and maracutas come to the fore”, said Jucelino Luz, about how the year of the leader will be, says that he must be cautious in what he expresses to the public, they will always use it against him, above all, he should be careful with part of those around you - the system is still very corrupted. The visionary also says that this will attract popular dissatisfaction and people will be more in favor of President Jair Bolsona, gaining more support from the people. (if energies don't change ...)

Since 2007, Jucelino Luz, stated that this broadcaster of the big brown media, would create a hero for Brazil, as if he were a Punisher - however, many things will be discovered about this hero, and the people will be against this supposed defender law and justice, which will be quickly harassed via social media.

It will spread across the internet: - "How can a person known as a hunter of the corrupt, defender of the law and justice be in many photos with them ..."

The feeling that many had was that no one could criticize the hero, who will one day be synonymous with defending corruption. for being seated at dinner, and in secret meetings with the corrupt.

For a person to know your character, just analyze the companies you like to live with, this will give him “a clue” of what type of person you possibly are.

We can say that Bolsonaro is unable to govern because the persecutions have increased, the worst part of the year for Bolsonaro will begin at the beginning of the year 2021 - because his enemies are all desperate. In addition, according to Jucelino Luz, the judiciary will also be questioned. The visionary predicts political stability for 2023.

In 2020, we will have many corrupt arrests, many scandals involving authorities and politicians (companies), embezzlement, money laundering and so on.

The Catholic, Evangelical, Spiritist people, and various philosophies and sects, will support President Jair Bolsonaro, for preaching morality, Education, Health, Public Security, Employment, Social Equality and others.

And the people will revolt against bodies involved in politics and not wanting the good of Brazilians, demonstrations will increase in Brazil.

And we will have many attacks against Flavio Bolsonaro and family members, in an attempt to demoralize Jair Messias Bolsonaro.

Jair Messias Bolsonaro, should be very careful with too much exposure, health and betrayals in the year 2020/2021.

With the President, if they let him rule, Brazil will be able to leverage until 2023, without the President, the country will get stuck in the mud of corruption even more, and the economy will collapse (setback), says Jucelino Luz

.Jair Bolsonaro and allies, I noticed that the more interview given to the mainstream brown media, the more this company feeds on its audience, in the sense of using their words against yourself. (Journalistic play)

A major electoral dispute is about to come, but no one talks about the needs of Brazilians. A political war, take, take ... Many interested in the place of Jair Bolsonaro - are even making plans. will have to face a flood of impeachment

Nature will also be tense and severe in 2020. With that, disasters can affect the country, says the visionary.

Finally, in relation to public health, great care and attention with masks from infected countries. Risk your health.

Mario Ronco Filho - Journalist

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