Previsões de maio de 2020

We remind everyone that Omens or premonitions are not predestination, everything will happen if nothing changes in the near future.

Previsões  de  maio de 2020

1 - A great reduction in the cases of the Corona Virus, but common flu may arise, and it will affect São Paulo, Minas Gerais, Paraná, Rio de Janeiro, Rio Grande do Sul, Santa Catarina, and deaths of innocents may occur in Brazil and South American countries;

2 - Floods reach São Paulo, Minas Gerais, Espirito Santo, Rio de Janeiro, and (all North and Northeast Brazil) in the mountainous areas there will be great collapse of slopes damaging and potentially killing several people.

3 - Great power earthquake shakes Japan from 7.0 on the Richter scale;

4 - Cases of Cholera may arise in China, Vietnam and the Philippines, Indonesia and Japan, which may cause deaths;

5 - Heat wave with rain, windstorms and much destruction reaches Bolivia, Peru, Colombia, Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay;

6 - Decrease in violence in Brazil, but in some states in Brazil, it will increase, also protests and with the coming of the cold may cause several problems. Possibility of denouncing a famous politician in Brazil, for embezzlement of public money and involvement with organized crime;

7 -. Typhoons could hit some countries. , Japan, Philippines, Thailand, India, Laos, and will face a major problem with rains and floods; hundreds of victims ...

8 - Earthquake in Peru hits central area and / or nearby,

9 - Terrorist attack in Afghanistan kills more than 20 innocent people;

10 - Cyclones hit New Zealand and Australia, killing dozens and the heat brings serious problems, and strong earthquakes hit these countries;

11 - Earthquake in Haiti (island) of 6.0 - which may cause victims; Rain and heat can bring problems;

12 - Coal mine explosion kills 15 in China; and leaves dozens injured.

13 - Earthquake in Alaska between 6.0 to 7.0 may cause fear and panic;

14 - Strong Earthquake in Mexico could make victims;

15 - Earthquake in Indonesia; strong winds and rains also hit the Jakarta region;

16 - The number of demonstrations in Ecuador grows, due to economic problems, unemployment and against politicians involved in scandals;

17 - Strong earthquake in Italy can bring many victims; and manage to beat the corona –virus, recovering quickly;

18 - Strong Earthquake in Hawaii causes destruction and deaths;

19 - Heavy rains and floods hit the region of China and also a strong earthquake;

20 - In France and Spain, they recover quickly from Corona –Virus, demonstrations with masks on May 1; we will have several manifestos in the world, many via the internet;

21 - Earthquake 6.0 hits the Greek Sea and can cause many victims;

22 - strong Tornadoes can hit Arkansas, Ohio, Texas, North Carolina Mississippi, USA, causing destruction and many victims in the country; the country begins to return to normal after the tough fight against corona-viruses;

23 - Floods, gales, can reach Bahia, Pernambuco and Espirito Santo - many are homeless; there are already thousands of victims, and problems with Dengue, and Zica in the affected areas;

24 - A strong earthquake could hit Turkey, with strong winds, storms, which can cause a lot of damage and possible deaths.

25 - heavy rains hit Belize, Honduras, and also eastern Canada, causing major problems, floods;

26 - Heavy rains in Norway, Sweden, Iceland will cause flooding, with fatalities also occurring, barrier falls, floods and rocks rolling on roads and villages;

27 - In Fiji, a strong earthquake; also storms and heat make many victims

28 - A strong earthquake hits Russia, will face problems with the heat wave;

29 - Fire in Portugal and Spain, the drought begins in some regions, with great force;

30 - Attack in Kenya -Africa kills more than 12 and injures more than 30 innocent people;

31 - Bulgaria heavy rains and serious problems in the economy, possible death of politician by order;

32 - New conflicts in Israel can kill 9 and hurt more than 13 people; an explosion in a public place could injure many passers-by;

33 - Strong earthquake in Bolivia that can scare many; with strong winds, heavy rains, floods may reach some regions

34 - Strong earthquake could hit Panama and victimize many people;

35 - In India a strong earthquake near the capital; and heavy rains hit the country, drought also spread to other regions;

36 - In Seychelles and Madagascar rains, destruction can victimize many people;

37 - Bangladesh earthquake can claim many victims;

38- Floods hit Cambodia, Laos and Sri Lanka, a windstorm could unseat some places near the capital;

39 - North Korean President Kim Jong-um, is out of the limelight, but is in good health,

40 - In Taiwan - Strong heat, heavy rains, floods; it may cause victims and problems to the country, facing some internal problems;

41 - Strong earthquake in Kazakhstan can scare people;

42 - Heavy rains hit Poland,. causing problems and landslides; A sudden drop in temperature brings a sky full of lightning;

43 - Bahamas earthquake. and El Salvador, which may cause harm and victims in one of those countries;

44– Cyclone hits Papua New Guinea and East Timor, causing more deaths and thousands of homeless people;

45 - Strong earthquake hits Puerto Rico near the capital.;

46 - Great floods in Jamaica, Ecuador and Honduras, can kill and leave hundreds homeless;

47 - Hong Kong, large demonstrations and heavy rains can leave dozens of deaths

48 - Two snipers kill at least 12 people in the USA, a strong earthquake can hit the USA - on the other hand millions will be out of a job due to the Corona-Virus problem

49 - In Egypt attack can kill 7 and injure dozens of people, sandstorm arrives in the country;

50 - Possible eruption of a volcano In Indonesia it scares residents in the region; this Volcano can expel a lot of larvae

51 - Gun attack in Germany can make victims;

52 - Attack in France can victimize 8 innocent people; and the gradual opening of trades begins;

53 - Saudi Arabia, facing terrorist attacks; and also the possibility of fire in (plant);

54 - In the United Arab Emirates, a major sandstorm affects the country;

55 - Italy is in danger of collapsing for reasons of suffering, for the terrible shakes suffered by earthquakes. have affected structures;

56 - Spain an attack kills at least 5 people, and an explosion in a residential neighborhood can victimize many innocent people;

57 - In England heavy rains, a hangover hits several regions, also possible attack can victimize 6 people;

58 - Heavy rains with winds can hit Hungary, and Serbia causing death and destruction;

59 - In Georgia heavy rains with floods, landslides, can cause deaths and injuries;

60 - Major deviations, money laundering will be discovered in Brazil; assassination attempts against Politician, on the other hand, famous presenter is at great risk of life, due to health problems. And we will have more than 73 thousand bankruptcy filings, with an increase in unemployment in Brazil and in the world.

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